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We, the Unicorns of America, are very heartfully dedicated to ousting George W. Bush from the White House. He is an evil, derisive man whose very visage turns our stomachs. As you can imagine, as unicorns, we are anything but acclimated to this constant disgust, and we believe that electing John Kerry in November will allow us to return to the very happy, magical state to which we are accustomed. We will not rest until George W. Bush is no longer the President of the United States.

Friday, September 17, 2004

I Don't Put Out for Republicans

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OMG, hey everyone!

My name's Mikey, and I am, like, so happy to help get that ugly breeder out of the White House. I mean, seriously, shove your Federal Marriage Ammendment up your ass, you stupid cunt.

Anyways, so I went to New York City for the protests, right, because there were some hot parties to go to, you know. There was this one at this hot club called Splash Bar where I met this guy (who was like so cute!!!), and we totally hit it off because we don't like republicans, right?

Well, so we went back to his place to fool around, you know? And I knew something was up when I saw his nasty ass, plaid, Martha Stewart bedspread (I know, like, what self-respecting homosexual shops at WalMart, right?!) And he totally had this, like, program from the RNC on his bedside table. So, I was like, "Honey, I can't sleep with you!" and I went to XL. It was totally crazy!

OMG, I am, like, so late for the gym! I have the cutest trainer.


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