Unicorns Against Bush

We, the Unicorns of America, are very heartfully dedicated to ousting George W. Bush from the White House. He is an evil, derisive man whose very visage turns our stomachs. As you can imagine, as unicorns, we are anything but acclimated to this constant disgust, and we believe that electing John Kerry in November will allow us to return to the very happy, magical state to which we are accustomed. We will not rest until George W. Bush is no longer the President of the United States.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Sometimes, Unicorns Cry Too

Unicorn Group
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This is a collective post because we all feel very strongly about it.

Sparkles was on the phone with Sparkles' mother today, and Sparkles found out that she is an undecided voter. Obviously, It made Sparkles sad. Of course, we all rallied to Sparkles side, but Sparkles hasn't been able to spread magical, politically-charged glitter/magic ever since. And then, Sparkles found a blog full of fictions and hate (eg, refinerscrucible.blogspot.com), and (of course) it only worsened things. We've tried everything to make Sparkles feel better, but it's not working. We need your support -- VOTE KERRY!

Our opponents have a very persuasive, although uninformed, rhetoric. They are many. But you've got to help us persuade Sparkles that we are more! No matter what you think of us, please help Sparkles! Sparkles has been our strength and inspiration for weeks. Sparkles doesn't believe in politics. Sparkles believes in hope and the human spirit. Sparkles is suffering from those that choose to be uninformed either for convenience or economic health (ie, those who sacrifice their moral responsibility). Convenience and finance are not what we were brought up to believe in. We had a time of it fighting the Red Bull, and, if we know anything, we know that money and comfort are superfluous and transient. Please, humans, resist the urge to sit back and let things happen to you. This is serious. It's up to you. We'll be the first to admit that Kerry's not the best, but, believe us (AND WE ARE FUCKING UNICORNS!), he's the better choice.

Sparkles is symptomatic of our species. We can't survive another four years! If you care anything for magic or glitter or hope, you've got to help. Heck, if you care anything for yourself, your planet, and your world, you'll help. Our beautiful nation can't take another four years of George W. Bush. Speak out! Stand up! and please, please VOTE KERRY!

Unicorns Against Bush


  • At October 23, 2004 at 12:33 PM, Blogger Xydexx said…

    Hi Sparkles!

    The Bush campaign must really hate animals. The other day they released an ad that stereotyped wolves as terrorists that wish to do America harm. The Republican Noise Machine has clearly been in overdrive to come up with shameless messages of fear, uncertainty, and doubt to scare the voters with.

    Fortunately, the wolves are fighting against Bush's nasty campaign of ignorance and scare tactics:


  • At October 23, 2004 at 2:20 PM, Blogger Unicorns Against Bush said…

    Gee, Xydexx!

    Well, while I probably wouldn't want to come across a whole pack of wolves at once (which is highly unlikely in the Enchanted Forest), I hate to see them being used by the Right Wing's Machine of Fear! I send my condolences, and I hope that you guys clear your name. Let me know what I can do to help!

  • At March 15, 2009 at 5:55 PM, Blogger Xydexx said…

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