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We, the Unicorns of America, are very heartfully dedicated to ousting George W. Bush from the White House. He is an evil, derisive man whose very visage turns our stomachs. As you can imagine, as unicorns, we are anything but acclimated to this constant disgust, and we believe that electing John Kerry in November will allow us to return to the very happy, magical state to which we are accustomed. We will not rest until George W. Bush is no longer the President of the United States.

Monday, November 22, 2004

native son

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sup dudes?

i was thinking that it totally sucks that i haven't blogged about this before because i fucking respect the shit out of our native brothers and sisters, but i guess i was just too caught up in the election. so, i'm fucking sick to death of this abramoffesque exploitation of our native american friends. we owe so much to them, and we continue to screw them over. well, this little unicorn won't stand for it anymore (and when i say little, i'm not talking about my endowment because that's, like, obviously, you know, uh ... huge).

anyways, my buds and i were watching _the darl crystal_ last night. you know, just chilling and smoking a little bud, but this crazy analogy came to me, and i thought i should share it with you playas. so, take abramoff, reed, and scanlon, right? they're totally the fucking skeksis. i mean, evil, power-hungry, hateful. you get the point, i'm sure.

so, then who are the mystics? well, without being too reductive, the native americans, duh! and not because shamans are into crazy shit and they all live in sand castles, but because they're disenfranchised, declining in number, and really beautiful.

the analogy continues: all the little gelflings that have become slaves are like the christian right that keep voting against their financial interests, etc.

so, i guess the question is: where's jen? who the hell's gonna help out the mystics? how do we tumble the castle of the skeksis? well, playas, i guess i'll need to smoke another j before i can answer that one. later ...


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